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Reviews for ESP Electrical Contractors

Take a moment to read reviews and testimonials from clients who have used ESP Electrical Contractors for their residential and commercial electrical needs throughout the Parma and North Olmsted area.

Contractor arrived on time both for estimate and for the actual job. Contractor's estimate was specific and detailed. Each project was individually estimated. Work included the following: (1) installing new or replacing old outlets, usually with ground fault circuit interrupter outlets; (2) installing basement ceiling lighting fixtures; (3) correcting the installation of a previously incorrectly installed ceiling fan. Work was completed in 1 day instead of the previously estimated 2 days.

- Susan N | |

ESP came over to fix my outside outlet. While performing the job, they noticed that the previous owner had tied it into an indoor outlet which could have caused a fire. They rewired the outside outlet and created a new indoor outlet. Since they prevented a fire, I had them add some breakers to my box that were needed for my kitchen to take on additional appliances. I'll use their services again for saving me a lot of headaches and a fire.

- John B | |

They did great work for me. They were responsive and informative. They explained what
would be done.

- Matt Z | |

You couldn't ask for anything better. Scheduling was great, the actual crews were very
respectful, they made us feel comfortable and answered all our questions.

- Frank G | |

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