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Home Electrical Tips 4 Benefits Of Installing A Backup Home Generator

4 Benefits Of Installing A Home Backup Generator

Benefits of a backup home generator

In recent years, more and more severe storms have been cropping up, causing many Parma homeowners to suffer through the experience of having to go extended periods of time without power. These events can be much more than just uncomfortable and disruptive to your family's daily lives. They can be quite dangerous if they occur during the wrong time of year, and they can also wind up causing severe damage to your home if you don't have the right protective measures in place. One of the best ways to ensure that your home is prepared for this kind of occurrence is by installing a backup home generator. There are a number of benefits to having this kind of system in place for your home, and our skilled electricians have put together a short list highlighting some of them to show you how this system can benefit you and your family.

Restore Power As Soon As The Power Goes Off

With a portable generator, someone has to be home in the event of a power outage who knows how to shut off the main power source, start the generator, and keep it running safely. This is certainly not something you would want your children to attempt if the power goes out while you aren't home. Backup home generators are wired directly into your home's electrical panel and have a sensor in place that detects when the power goes off. A backup home generator will then shut off the main power source automatically to prevent the back feeding of electricity through the power lines, after which point it will switch on and will continue running until it detects the power come back on again. Backup home generators generally don't have to be refueled, as they are usually connected to liquid propane or natural gas line.

Keep Your Home Comfortable In Extreme Temperatures

Prolonged power outages can often happen during times of temperature extremes, which can subject your family to extreme discomfort and even danger if you lose power during a particularly cold period in the winter. This doesn't have to be a concern anymore with a backup home generator as they produce enough power to run your home's furnace, heating system, or air conditioner. This can help to ease your mind and keep you and your family safe and comfortable in the event that you lose power during a period of uncomfortable temperature extremes.

Keep Power For Medical Equipment

Having a whole home power generator will also give you peace of mind knowing that any medical devices you or a family member are required to keep running will continue to do so during the event of a power outage. While most necessary medical devices will have some form of battery backup installed, this can still be risky business if you lose power for an extended period of time. Having a backup home generator in place takes the what-if out of these situations, allowing you and your family to rest easier.

Prevents Food Spoilage & Allows Continued Use Of Electronics

With a backup home generator installed for your home, food storage and preparation won't be an issue during any instances of prolonged power outages. This can save you hundreds of dollars as perishable food is usually fairly expensive and is quite often the first thing to go when the power goes out for any length of time. In addition, you and your family will be able to continue making use of your electronic devices for work or communication purposes. This will help keep the disruption from the power outage to a minimum.

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